Illinois Potable Water Supply Operators Association Annual Fall Conference -- September 12 - 14, 2018
Golf Outing September 11, 2018
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About Us

The Illinois Potable Water Supply Operators Association (IPWSOA) was formed in the fall of 1931 by the Illinois Board of Health. Operators met regulatory officials to listen to presentations regarding health and safety issues for drinking water, new laws and rules, potable water production, distribution, monitoring, and the competent operation of drinking water facilities. The purpose of the gathering was to keep drinking water operators current with regulations and state-of-the-art changes to water operation. The day ended with a picnic, where attendees celebrated the success of the day, and discussed the need for a regular meeting to ensure that drinking water operators continued to receive the most up-to-date information regarding operations and regulations in their industry. The Illinois Potable Water Supply Operators Association became a reality.

Over the years, changes to operation, rapidly increasing regulations, and the marketing of products and services to the water industry caused the Association to expand the Annual Fall Conference. The Conference now spans two and one-half full days of education; an Exhibit Hall that brings manufacturers, service experts and vendors to a drinking water marketplace; and evening social activities that include an opportunity to recognize the best operators in the categories of surface water, groundwater, and distribution system operation, each year. The heart of the Conference — the exchange of information and experiences, from operator to operator, from across the many regions of the State – remains the same. No matter where operators congregate, the challenges, problems, and successful solutions to safe and efficient water treatment remain the most common topic of discussion, regardless of the time of day or night.

Come and share your experiences, ask your questions, and relate your experiences as an Illinois drinking water operator, regulator, or industry professional. We welcome you.